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Cake Club

This is how it works… each month we send you a different cake, many exclusive to the Cake Club, and you get to play taster. Which will be your favourite? Maybe it’ll be the Classic Iced cake for Christmas, or something lighter like the Lemon Drizzle. Elderflower and Gooseberry always gets rave reviews. Join the Cake Club and judge for yourself. This is the perfect gift for any true cake fan.

Cake Club membership can commence at any time of year but must run for twelve, six or three consecutive months. The price includes UK mainland post and packing, ask for details for costs outside this region. As well as a selection of delicious recipes, which changes from year to year, members who take the full twelve months membership receive one of our award winning Simnel cakes at Easter and a Classic Iced cake for Christmas.

cake club options:

£65.00 (3 month membership), £110.00 (6 month membership), £185.00 (12 month membership)

  • january 2015

    afternoon tea selection
  • february 2015

    clementine & almond
  • march 2015

  • april 2015

    coffee & walnut
  • may 2015

    lemon polenta
  • june 2015

    almond fruit
  • july 2015

    elderflower & gooseberry
  • august 2015

    cherry & almond
  • september 2015

    basque blackberry
  • october 2015

  • november 2015

  • december 2015


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